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Fashion Secrets

By Chit

Photos by Merana

I got a guilty secret. I cannot live with myself anymore, I bin profitin out of other people's ignorance. It was alright when I thought I hadda go to Darnassus to get stuff an sell it on the Auction House at over a gold profit every time, but once I found I only needed to nip to the shop next door to the AH to get the stuff I was overcome with shame.

So this issue I am gonna publish it to the world - where to get those SHOES!

People...all you gotta do is go to the cloth armour shop to get your dress shoes. Yep, that is where to find black shoes to go with your Tuxedo Pants, and sandals to go with them lovely dresses. 'Course not a lot of people know that cos when they are young they don't have money to spend there, and when they are experienced they are buyin out the Auction House. So if you are less than scrupulous, you can make yourself a tidy little fortune sellin black shoes for 1g 50s on the Auction House. Like I did in my wicked youth...

I just hope Sejhduh doesn't lynch me when he finds out.

Heavy Weave Shoes from the Cloth Armour Merchant - 7 silver 68 copper (with honoured discount)

Knitted Sandals - from the Cloth Armour Merchant - 1 silver 87 copper (with honoured discount)

Fashion Notes from the GizGirls

Merana: Cross-stitched sandals which you pick up as low level loot are black while the vendor bought knitted sandals are brown. This can be important to know if you wear a black skirt or robe.

Naiah: Plain black boots are standard issue for starting warriors, find one and make sure he sells them to you and not the vendor when he grows out of them.

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