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Fashion Mistakes

By Chit

Okay, we all bin there. You wake up with a bad hair day, your best shirt is in the wash, you go out adventurin with some friends an have a run in with some bad guys that didn't go down like they was supposed to, an you struggle back into town tired an urgently in need of a hot shower. An everywhere you look there is sweetly scented ladies trippin out for a relaxed picnic in their best gown an slippers with a handsome hunk on their arm.

This is Gizmo's Morale Corner. Just when you got caught by your best guy in your least flatterin armour, it is worthwhile remembering two things. One, it's your personality that counts, so cheer up, look em in the eye an sparkle so bright they don't notice the guaranteed-ugly leather armour... And two, you probably don't look as bad as you think you do. Check out these Fashion Mistakes we spotted in the streets of Stormwind...

And if you think with a sinkin feelin that you WERE these Fashion Mistakes all is not lost! No one knows who you are...yet. All you gotta do is when you finish fightin, go straight to the inn, TAKE that shower, slip into something comfortable. An do it BEFORE you go to the Auction house cos you never know, the Fashion police could be waitin there with their wicked little cameras...

The 'Way Too Bright' Set

People - if you gotta dress like this we will all be wearing sunspecs to save us from eye-strain. Take a tip - use all tones of the same colour, or a neutral plus accent colour, or if you is feelin particularly stylish a couple of acidly contrastin colours. But not a random assortment like this! And as for actually DISPLAYIN the Helm of Fire...is that elf MAD! I wore that Helm for aeons, an a very good fightin helmet it was too, but never in public. Nope, not even in the Auction House when tryn on a new hat. It just...well it makes you look like a red cow is all...

Too BrightToo BrightToo Bright

The 'Badly Accessorized' Brigade

OK so you got the top, the tabard and the bottom sorted. But don't stop there! You gotta be careful about how you accessorise! Your gloves, your boots, your belt, your cloak - and especially your shoulders - all can ruin your outfit or make it an eye-catcher that puts you firmly in the fashionable set. Look here for What Not To Wear...

Badly AccessorizedBadly Accessorized
Badly AccessorizedBadly Accessorized

The 'Not helped by the Tabard' victims

OK, this is only partly the tabard's fault, and heaven knows The Alliance Herald crew has had its own fashion trauma with the old tabard. But do what we did! Have a tabard design competition an get somethin that goes with your outfits! It is a real morale booster to stroll around town in a nice tabard that is the finishiin touch to your outfit. An if it don't match, here's a secret...you don't HAFTA wear it!

Not helped by the TabardNot helped by the Tabard

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