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Men on our Lust List: Chaco

By Chit

Asking around about who is on your Lust List reveals that some surprising people will confess to a weakness for Chaco, the silver-tongued Corsair. "He can talk you to heaven," enthused one lady - and the toughest babe of my acquaintance showed an alarming tendency to drift into a smiling reverie at his name.

Careless of protocol, Chaco himself approached Gizmo with the offer of a photoshoot - and then proved infuriatingly difficult to track down. Even once tied down to a time, he showed a cavalier disregard for time and commitments... This guy is a creature of impulse, playing the game of love like a virtuoso when he wills, before disappearing to wage war - and reappearing when you least expect him - probably with another lady on his arm.

Chaco is a diversion for a lazy afternoon or night, when you want to be tantalised and challenged, a picture postcard memory of an indulgent time with a guy who thrills you with intimacy. But don't get too attached to pleasure. Ultimately his presence is as insubstantial as the foam on the waves that he loves.

Gizmo: Where would you take a girl to show her a good time?

Chaco: There would be thousands and thousands of options, but to keep it short, so this issue doesn't turn into a dating bible, I'd stick with going to spend a nice quiet afternoon at the beach near Steamwheedle Port. I'd bring a little rum to sip now and then, sunbathe while chit-chatting face to face before bathing in the exquisite warm waters of Tanaris. When dusk approaches I'd make a friendly fireplace, cuddle together, massage her back and feet and who knows ... share some body heat? There are no limits to your - or my, for that matter - imagination.

Gizmo: What would immediately attract you to a woman?

Chaco: Very good question. Well I could say her smile or personality, but none of this is one hundred per cent accurate. Fact is attraction is a non-linear business so I'd have to go with her hotness level - some strange addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of so many little things unknown. It's ok not to know everything, just enjoy it I'd say.

Gizmo: What would you do if a girl you like isn't immediately interested?

Chaco: This may seem cheap and shallow but I just have to wait and let Chaco's seed grow. Bottom line, somewhere in that long road that a girl's life is you'll end up being interested in Chaco. I'm almost thirty right now and I still haven't found evidence of the opposite. To be honest I'm quite tired of bragging about myself, but I guess my less common approach towards life does the trick.

Gizmo: How do you like to spend your time?

Chaco: I'm a real pleasure seeker that's why I seldom complain. That is to say that I'm all about flirting, gambling, drinking, blowing up enemy ships and everything else that turns me on. There's also testing people's limits. I feel that they aren't tested the way they should well enough, so love being a tease and add something saucy to people's rather dull existence.

Gizmo: What bad habits do you have that your girlfriends have to put up with?

Chaco: Girlfriends? I wouldn't call them girlfriends, though a lot of girls might dream I'm her boyfriend. I guess that pretty much answers the question. Don't expect the wolves to behave like sheep...

Gizmo: What would a girl need to do to get your attention?

Chaco: Just be there and throw a cute little innocent smile at me. Someone once said I had this big heart full of love, and thinking about it, it couldn't be more accurate. There's a piece of Chaco's loving for every girl willing to take that risk out there.

Gizmo: What do you think women want from a man?

Chaco: Plain honesty and effort. That's why I always speak my mind even when the standard common sense wouldn't. Blow the social pressure and issues away, if you're not honest with yourself, who will be?

It turns out to work for the best to everyone around too, there's no chance I will lead people into shallow selfish hopes ... Counting on monogamy? - No way. Effort to please the ladies in the most daring ways? - That's my middle name ... and in my opinion it should be every man's middle name.

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