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In The Pipeline...

...is a Men's Magazine!

This is currently a twinkle in our eye and we need BLOKES to help us produce this one-off publication. I mean what would us girls know about STUFF for guys?

Provisionally titled upLOADED, this is what one of our male photographers thought it could be like...


upLOADED, This Starting Issue featuring Westfall Customs, as they Pimp, Thorvalt's Steam Tank, Featuring Mechano Strider Specs! Getting the Bigger, Better, Blast! Do it yourself Explosives!

upLOADED articles in the pipeline:

  • Fuel Comparison Testing
  • Sexy Butts
  • Is your Girlfriend for Real? - how to find the fakers or fake it better!

We need YOU to write for us! We need YOUR ideas on what should go in it!

Contact editor@gizmopolitan.co.uk if you want to be a founder reporter for upLOADED!

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