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Undead, The Ultimate Accessory For A Fancy Dress Party?

By Juna

Photos by Merana

Ladies, we all agree that dressing up is a fun and enriching experience. However, most of us forget that the right accessories can make or break an outfit. The Party Season is coming up with the promise of Fancy Dress Balls and Theme events, and you need to start thinking about what and where you're going to wear that fabulous little number you've been hiding in your wardrobe. But almost as important: Who will be accompanying you?

If you want to be pale and interesting, the obvious choice is "Undead!", but you can't just go up to any ghoul and ask them... they are being mind-controlled by the evil Lich King. So your only choice is a Forsaken gentleman. Should you or shouldn't you?

Moonrise in Silverpine
Moonrise in Silverpine

Gizmo's list: Pros and cons of dating the Forsaken:

  • His looks won't surpass yours (don't you hate dating pretty-boys?) but he'll still be the envy of many another woman.

  • His 'costume' will make your rival's boyfriend look really amateurish.

Better costume
His 'costume' will make your rival's boyfriend look really amateurish

  • If you are going to cross-faction date, a Forsaken is a good choice: they are mostly intelligent, introverted, and think before they act.
  • On the down side, that might translate into: cunning, boring, and sneaky.
  • Undead are not known for excellent table manners. If there are any dead bodies lying around, can you be sure that he will not cannibalise them while your rival sits prettily aghast, accepting peeled grapes from her boringly well-trained boyfriend?
  • Forsaken have a wicked dance. Your rival is gonna be so jealous....
  • Depending on their grooming habits (and some men don't have any!) an Undead might lose some of that decaying flesh that hangs off his bones. This is very disgusting and can ruin the open buffet.
  • Unless you are exceptionally linguistically talented your only way of communicating with an Undead is sign-language. This can easily end in unfortunate misunderstandings. On the other hand, there is no chance of him boring on about all his latest equipment, the latest modifications he has made to his Mechanostrider, or how he took down Onyxia singlehandedly. There is an excellent chance that he will stand around looking mean and moody, except when dancing with you.
  • Forsaken do not frighten easily. This means that even if you don't look too spectacular, he won't really mind.
  • You will not be able to celebrate at any of the really fashionable parties in the cities. Guards (and potentially your rival's boyfriend) are likely to have a nasty habit of chopping your date to bits.

So there you have it. Gizmo's advice is to take your Undead on a trial date first. Work on the sign language ("Sit!" "Dance!" and "Stop that!" are essential). And of course, don't make up your mind until you are sure that he is the type to accept a kiss at the end of the night, and not the type who is going to want to go All The Way. You do not want your rival to pass you on the way out while you are knocking bits off your date.


  • Take him for a test spin
  • Think about where you are going to take him
  • Make sure he understands the purpose of the evening
  • Agree a method of identifying who your rival and her boyfriend are
  • Agree any details about money BEFORE you arrive
  • Feed him before you go
  • Try to show him a good time


  • Choose a 'leaping undead' - leaping = impulsive
  • Let him wear a badge
  • Let him start fights on his own initiative
  • Trust his judgement

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