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Personal Ads

Young lady gnome, training in the arcane, seeks young, like-minded male gnome for fun, friendship and possibly more. Small ears a bonus, GSOH, quick wit and a love of chickens a must. Apply Spolli (Earthen Ring EU).

Strong, athletic, yet sneaky kitty, N/S, seeks handsome human to play pounce & hide and bites with. Must be kind, caring, dangerous, athletic, single, N/S, social drinker with GSOH. Must like cats, frogs and not be allergic to pain or fun! Apply Kitty (Defias Brotherhood EU).

Weird Priestess of Elune looking for forsaken males, alot of 'em. Only good looking ones, no bald ones or those that have lost their jaw somewhere, men with an actual haircut prefered. Age doesn't matter ... Apply to Merana Silverleaf (Magtheridon EU).

Single female warlock searching for a determined guy who doesnt run away in fear everytime! Must love pets, even if they are demonic creatures summoned from the twisting nethers. Good with imps. Preferably Horde, I like them bloodthirsty. I enjoy long walks over a trail of corpses (which I probably caused), snuggling (though the felheart shoulders do get in the way), romantic dinners, no conjured food cheapskates! Slightly envious. If I see you with another girl, not my fault if her soul ends up in my pouch. Apply Retroremixed (Darksorrow EU).

Undead Warlock seeks two sexy Troll acolytes to assist with summoning and maybe more... Previous experience with embalming would be beneficial. Excellent tusk and toe nail care is essential. Reply Astrogoth (Skullcrusher EU).

  • Reply 1 - Dear Astrogoth, I am writing to you to express my interest in your opening. I mean for an assistant summoner. I have considerable experience in handling the dead, by which I refer to my husband of course. I enclose a lovely drawn sketch of my best assets, which are gold-tipped with genuine Zul'Gurub gold. (Name withheld.)
  • Reply 2 - Dear Astrogoth, What is dat embalmin ting? I&I and my boyfrien is always on de summon, but we is not interested if you is too fragile to take some roughhousin! Is you a Rhude Boi or do you have bits dat fall off easy? (Name and address supplied.)

Dead sexy forsaken lady looks for an adventurous man to share her passion for the shadows. If your curiousity was aroused, contact Cinae (Moonglade EU).

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