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The Quest for the Perfect Gift

By Ashdew

Photos by Iralla

Each year, as the Feast of Winter Veil approaches, every Gizmo Girl starts worrying about gifts and, truth be told, it isn't easy finding an original present in the junk-filled shops of Azeroth. That's why we, the staff at Gizmopolitan, have decided to take a peek at what's out there and give you some tips on what you can buy this year for your boyfriend or that hot guy you've always wanted to go out with.

Of course you can never go wrong with generic items so if you want to take the safe way it's OK. Among the many things you can purchase - and you can't go wrong with it - is the Stylish Black Shirt, a must for all men's wardrobe. If he already has it in black, don't worry! You can get the same classy shirt in red, green and blue.

Stylish Black Shirt
Stylish Black Shirt

He's not a shirt-wearing guy? Then you can get him a cool belt; everybody needs one. We like the Elegant Belt of the Wolf (because ..of the Owl would only be great for your wise grandpa). Put this together with the Wolfpack Medallion and you have a matching combo for the sleek beast inside him.

If you don't know him that well and you think a clothing item would be cheesy or even scare him away, take a walk to your local wine shop and pick up a nice bottle of something. Pinot Noir says elegant and cool while a Flask of Port will suggest sweetness. Buy a Jug of Bourbon if you want to let him know you're up for more than the usual on Winter's Veil Eve! Whatever you buy make sure to wrap it up nicely in blue, green or purple ribboned wrapping paper, available at any Jinglepocket Goblins' Fare Shop.

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir says elegant and cool

For the adventurer and his weekends out in the country side get him a Big Iron Fishing Pole, the very best in the business. Trust us, he'll love it. And make sure the city loving gentleman in your life recives his very own Small Pocket Watch so he'll never be late on a date with you.

For the adventurer in him
For the adventurer in him

Time to make things a little more interesting. Ever heard of Calico Pants? They're those really short shorts that will give you the best view of your man's manly rear. He'll need to wear them while he's doing his morning push-ups. Roar!

If you really want to spice it up you must get him the infamous all-dirty hawt Brawler's Harness for those fiery nights. This is unisex so you can wear it too for some sizzling fun. It's only available on low level undead hunters so getting this is a bit hard but it's worth it. Warbear Woollies will give similar fun!

Brawler's Harness Brawler's Harness
The Unisex(y) Brawler's Harness

A gift for the gentleman who has everything? Look out for loating wreckage off Wavestrider beach (Steamwheedle Port) Tanaris. You may be lucky enough to fish up some Rumsey Rum Black Label. if you are lucky, it will do exactly what it says on the bottle - 'Increases Stamina by 15 for 15 minutes and gets you drunk to boot!' Stock up on supplies - enough for both of you - lock the door, throw down a soft fur rug and build up the fire for a Winter Veil to remember...

Rumsey Rum black Label
Rumsey Rum Black Label may make other places seem more interesting than the dining room

Last, and certainly not least, my personal favorite: Elixir of Giant Growth. The label says: "Use: Your size is increased and your Strength goes up by 8 to match your new size. Lasts 2 minutes". Give this to your hunk and enjoy girls ;)

Elixir of Giant Growth
Elixir of Giant Growth - His size is increased and his Strength goes up by 8 to match his new size

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