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Tasty Dinner Party Recipes

By Ashdew

Photos By Iralla and Chit

Invitations, preparations to do, decisions to make, meals to cook, drinks to buy. Organizing a Winter Veil Eve dinner party or a New Year's Eve one is not as easy as it may seem especially when it comes to food. Putting together a party that will be remembered by all your guests requires a lot of hard work and above all imagination (plus a few dancing elf girls and some handsome waiters!).

To make things easier for you we've put together three different menus for three different themed parties. Of course you can mix them up or even invent some new ones. Just try to keep it home made. Too many courses bought from the vendor will void your dinner - and yourself - of personality.

Menu no 1

Something Smells Fishy

Poached Sunscale Salmon
Poached Sunscale Salmon

Start off with Goblin Deviled Clams as appetizers. If your guests survive these hot babies you can bring on the soups: Lobster Stew and Nightfin Soup, filled with fishy goodness. For the main course you'll need to prepare some different dishes to suit your guests' individual fishiness. We suggest you serve Smoked Sagefish, Poached Sunscale Salmon, Spiced Chili Crab, Grilled Squid and for some eccentric fun: Savory Deviate Delight - the famous dish that changes your entire look! You can also have Crab Cake for desert.

Menu no 2

Exotic Expectations

If you want your party to be filled with Oohs and Aahs, chose this extraordinary cuisine. The main appetizers are the delicious-looking Kaldorei Spider Kabob and Crispy Lizard Tail. Next is the first course: Jungle Stew and Mystery Stew, best served hot. If your guests haven't had enough then it's time to bring the most bizarre and tasty meats in Azeroth: Carrion Surprise, Hot Lion Chops, Dragonbreath Chili and Crocolisk Steak.

Dragonbreath Chilli
Dragonbreath Chilli

You can also purchase some exotic Junglevine Wine, to go with your dinner, from Nixxrax Fillamug; you'll find him in Booty Bay in the Salty Sailor Tavern.

Junglevine wine
Junglevine wine - the perfect accompaniment to an exotic dinner

Menu no 3

Classy Chow

In case you're looking for something more elegant this is the menu for you. We've got Raw Black Truffles and Herb Baked Eggs for appetizers and the exquisite Soothing Turtle Bisque and Smoked Desert Dumplings for the first course. Finish your flawless dinner with the most refined dishes your guests have ever tasted and serve them Redridge Goulash, Lean Venison, Lean Wolf Steak and Smoked Bear Meat. Accompany this with some Pinot Noir and you have the perfect classy menu.

Fruit is an elegant ending to any dinner party

Don't forget to provide the season's all-time favorites: Gingerbread Cookies and Egg Nog, giving your party that festive feeling. Also make sure you have some Moonberry Juice and Morning Glory Dew for the non-alcoholic drinkers and, most importantly, have fun!

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