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Men on our Lust List: Jhasso

By Chit

Photos by Chit and Awyin

Witty, volatile, quick to anger, kind and fiercely loyal, you will never tire of Jhasso's company. Quietly but ruthlessly professional, Jhasso can be deadly in stealth, stunning and killing his enemies out of hand, attacking the fiercest of opponents with his comrades night after night. Quick to take offence when offered an insult or a challenge, Jhasso is always ready to give two fingers to his enemies and fight for his place in the world.

But seek his help and this fighter will be there to provide it, patiently coaching and encouraging, developing both your confidence and your skills. And turn a corner in Stormwind and you will find another Jhasso capturing your attention, seducing you with his wicked charm and witty rejoinders, making you laugh, encouraging you to seek him out at the best of times and the worst of times. Jhasso is truly a man for all seasons...if you want a lover with a big heart and a restless appetite for life seek him out - when the romance passes you will always want to keep him as a friend.

Responding to Gizmo's readers demands to know more about our gorgeous guys, we asked Jhasso some questions...

Gizmo: What would immediately attract you to a woman?

Jhasso: Hmm.. Every woman is different in her own way, it could be anything from her general looks to her smell, her eyes, the way she moves, her soothing voice, anything!

Gizmo: What would you do if a girl you like isn't immediately interested? (Jhasso grins at this.)

Jhasso: It happens all the time, I express my interest in a lady, and she tells me it ain't goin to happen. I just.. Well, I guess I, if I think there is or perhaps there could be something, I'll be determined, I'll continue to show my affection and shower her with compliments and gifts.

Gizmo: Where would you take a girl to show her a good time?

Jhasso: Well, I have certain spots that I think are very romantic, but I always like to let the lady choose the venue, somewhere she feels relaxed and comfortable, somewhere.. familiar.

Gizmo: How do you like to spend your time?

Jhasso: When I am not killing magical creatures or fighing the forces of Kel'thuzad in his dreaded citadel, I spend my time relaxing around Stormwind, enjoying a fine ale in the Dusty Rose, accompanied by my friends.

Gizmo: What bad habits do you have that your girlfriends have to put up with?

Jhasso: I won't lie, I am often out of town. But I do try and spend every other moment with her.

Jhasso sighs.

I am also short tempered, not towards ladies of course, but towards other men. I hate it when someone thinks he is better, or speaks to someone as though they are of a lower stature than them. It really bugs me, everyone is the same, people choose their own path in life and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Gizmo: What would a girl need to do to get your attention?

Jhasso: The thing I find most attractive in women is when there is that sense of self belief, there is nothing more attractive in a woman than confidence.

Gizmo: What do you think women want from a man?

Jhasso: Well, without sounding sexist, women want a man to hold them, to care and caress, a woman will always feel safe in her mans arms.

Jhasso's Original Screen Test Pictures - Star Quality in Tanaris

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