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Blasted Lands Break or Longshore Leisure Trip?

By Brannwen

Some like to unwind on the warm, sandy beaches of Tanaris; others want to suck up the oxygen in the dreamy forests of Feralas. For those who prefer the culture, a quick weekend trip to the tranquillity of Darnassus is all that is needed to recharge that mana pool while others venture into the ancient troll city of Zul’Gurub and scale the Altar of Zul in the Hinterlands for an action-packed shortbreak. What kind of holiday type are you? Find out with our Gizmo quiz: A Blasted Lands Break or a Longshore Leisure trip.

Question 1

After a stroll around the Gardens in Stormwind Keep, you find yourself in front of its library. Taking a step closer towards the nearest bookcase, your eyes wander over the titles on the spines. Which title would grab your attention enough to take a look at the book proper?

    a/ Arathor and the Troll Wars

    b/ Hmm…there’s so much text in all of them! Oh wait, there’s issue 1 of the Gizmopolitan!

    c/ “On the nature of bears, bugs and beetles”

    d/ Books? Nah!

Question 2

Which of these outfits would you see yourself wearing on your holiday?

A/ Picture number 1

B/ Picture number 2

C/ Picture number 3

D/ Picture number 4

Question 3

Are you…

    a/ a miner

    b/ none of the other options

    c/ a herbalist

    d/ a dancer
(if more than one answer is true, then choose the one that you feel most passionate about)

Question 4

The one thing you can’t live without while on holiday...

    a/ Super Snapper FX

    b/ Enough potions of Nature resistance…they do keep the sunburn at bay

    c/ My sweet little kitten, of course it’s coming along!

    d/ A good supply of bandages, I have been needing them in the past

Question 5

The colour of your travel cloak would be…

    a/ Dusty brown

    b/ Bright yellow

    c/ Natural green

    d/ Speedy blue

The Answers!

Mainly a
There’s but one word for you: LOOT, a Lover of Old cultures and Odd Treasure. You are never more in your element then when exploring ancient ruins or excavating age-old tombs. If not bringing back actual treasures or artefacts, you can at least entertain your friends with the many pictures you take back from your trips to the likes of Noonshine Ruins, Jinta’Alor or the naga-invested ruins of Eldarath in Azshara.

Mainly b
You are a typical LOL – person, Living on Leisure. The only things you need to unwind are sun, sea and a bathing suit. Leave the activities to others, unless it’s a stroll to the nearest drink seller for a resfreshing Mellon Juice. And while you’re at it, basking on Tanaris’ sandy beach, you’re planning your next fashionable purchase in the Auction House reading the lastest Gizmopolitan. Don’t forget your sungoggles!

Mainly c
You are, without a doubt, a NOOB, a nature-orientated organic babe, and proud of it too! Your ultimate holiday will be among the animals you love so well. Why not try an animal-friendly safari (you know, without the hunting aspect) in the Barrens? Zebras, giraffes and giant kodos. Go see them now before extinction crosses their paths (or the less animal-friendly safari hunters).

Mainly d
You are AFK: an Active Fun Klubber! Dance the night away! Scale the highest mountains! Walk the longest trail! No sitting on your bum and staring at the sea…you’re an up and active kinda gal! So get in your track suit and try to race those goblins and gnomes on the Mirage Racetrack. Be sure to get your ice cream as a just reward; after all that activity, you don’t need to worry on the calories.

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