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Little Black Numbers

By Iralla

Slinky, sophisticated, everyone looks good in black. We challenged our readers in Moonglade to come and be photographed in their favourite black outfits, with stupendous results... Met by our greeters, Aylania, Jhasso, Brannwen and Chit they trudged through the snow (many of the ladies shivering in their revealing outfits) to give everyone ideas on how to be stylish in black.

The vanguard of fashion-conscious Moonglade society gathers outside Ironforge for the photoshoot. In the background, Iralla positions Maxwell for her camera.

Down on the valley floor below Ironforge for the group photograph.

Rayanne - Tuxedo Pants, Black Mageweave Vest and Blackened Defias Boots. Apocalypta - Black Mageweave Vest and Leggings, and Master Hat or Arcane Resistance. Ysandre - Black Mageweave Vest and Shoulders, Black Whelp Boots.

Helvar - Tuxedo, Tuxedo Pants, Tuxedo Shirt and Black Mageweave Boots. Maxwell - Tuxedo, Tuxedo Pants, Tuxedo Shirt, Heavy Weave Boots.

Hogaan - Black Swashbuckler's Shirt with Simple Linen Pants and Boots. Harled - Nocturnal Cap of the Eagle, Stylish Black Shirt, Tuxedo Pants and Nightslayer Boots.

Maxwell - Festive Black Suit.

Cudda - dressed in rough leather, this is a good dark outfit for an inexperienced fighter, especially if you can find a polar bear...

Kaelan - Robe of Arugal, Shadowweave gloves, Black Mageweave Boots, Magister's belt and Soulstealer Mantle. Avanna - Silver Thread Robe, Bracers, Belt, Cloak and Boots.

Hoard - Silver Thread Armor, Gloves and Pants with Ironweave Mantle and Boots. And finally, Shiryou, who ventured deep into enemy territory for the photoshoot, dressed in stylish Silver-Thread gear with Nightsky Mantle and Warmonger's Cloak of Stamina. A most courteous and obliging subject, and luckily we were off the beaten track so were not bothered by local militia...

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