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Readers' Letters - Topless Paladin Run

The most commented-on article in Issue 1 was Aylania's Five Things To Know About Dating A Paladin.

Comments from our readers included the following...

"Awesome work! The material funny yet disturbingly accurate (especially the paladin bit)"
- Sigmard

"Very well made... but most things you have written about paladins is totally wrong... well at least I am certainly not like that"
- Rodimus

"Your article on Paladins reminded me of when I went to Scholomance with four paladins (they needed a healer *winks*) it was a great group, but that much gold armour made my eyes hurt"
- Luci

"We clearly need a Gizmopolitan, Horde side. I want perfume tips for the different species, and we need tips on how to keep the mascara from running when you move thru the hot jungles and deserts of kalimdor. And of course all Horde women dream about a night with a paladin"
- To, Last Stand, Defias Brotherhood

But the Paladins from Aylania's raid group struck back, an struck back in style! We received this letter at the Gizmo offices...

Hi Aylania

Please find enclosed photos of my protest against your article: '5 tips on dating a Paladin', mainly the part that we Paladins are in love with our armour and don't go anywhere without it on.

This protest took the form of a raid into the firey depths of the Molten Core, wearing only Judgement legwear, boots and bracers; in other words, almost completely topless! Although I am now in the midst of recovering from some nasty red marks on my body, the experience was well worth it, as these photographs should show.

Hope you enjoy. And good luck with your future issues of Gizmopolitan.


At first, some of the pallies wanted to follow in my protest by going topless too."
(Ivresse stands third from the left.)

A boss encounter...with me showing a Paladin's duty for helping others.

At the end though, my fellow Paladins started suffering from withdrawal symptoms and stuck
their armour back on, the cowards...

Fighting Raggy, bare-chested...I seem to remember standing in a puddle of sweat
when it was all over...and the burn marks from swimming into lava I was flung into
wasn't a pleasant sight, I can tell you... Note how red I am...

The burning dangers of fighting without protection
in an area as hot as Molten Core.

But in the end, it was all over, and I stood in
front of all that was left of Ragnaros. Victory!

Well I am keeping the originals of these photos for the Gizmo files, currently stuck to the fridge in pride of place where we can all admire the er, photography. Gizmo is hereby proud to award Ivresse the award of Gizmopolitan Paladin of the Year! for being well-hard, good for a laugh, and very welcome to come an strip off an work up a sweat bashing the dents out of his armour in the Gizmo offices any time he likes! (Ed.)

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