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Welcome to Issue 2 of Gizmopolitan!

The Lifestyle magazine for the women of Azeroth and their boyfriends!

Welcome back to all you women an boyfriends out there!


Here is Issue 2 of Gizmopolitan. I have had to hold back some of the finished articles cos there was a danger of Giz gettin too thick to stuff in your bag for light reading. Leave em wantin more, I say…

‘Course this means there will be an issue 3…sometime, at the editorial whim. Maybe even before Christmas. We don’t believe in regular publishin here at Gizmo. We got lives too, you know.


In this issue we have responded to your requests for More Gnomes with the extremely sexy Jhasso as the guy on our Lust List this month! Dwarves however have been thin on the ground, though we have our eye on a couple of hot guys for our next issue…

Another first is a location shoot in some strange parallel place called by the natives ‘Moonglade’ – though it is a LOT bigger than where I used ta go to get Runecloth patterns... People there turned out to show off their Little Black Numbers, those black outfits that are suitable for every occasion. Let's hear it for the Moonglade Fashionables! We are hopin to make another location shoot next tme...wonder where it will be??

Plus, we got dancin in the streets, fashion articles, reviews of bed time toys for us girls, a holiday guide, naked paladin readers - o - just look at the contents page, why am I tellin you this???

As always thanks to the people who invested time and effort in making it happen...


Our Editorial Team Chit, Brannwen & Aylania

Our Writers Brannwen, Chit and Juna

Our Photographers Awyin, Brannwen, Chit, Juna, Merana and Iralla

Our Artistic & Technical Dictator Duston

Our Technical Master and Mistress Thorn and Brannwen

Our models
Earthen Ring - Asinia, Aylania, Balain, Brannwen, Chit, Dragonfury, Duston, Dyara, Farel, Ilusien, Ishbell, Jhasso, Juna, Majina, Mesina, Midea, Mouse, Niashala, Nymrethiel, Tinkercog, Tolana, Tylan, Sailu, Sozah, Venustar.
Moonglade - Apocalypta, Avanna, Cudda, Harled, Helvar, Hogaan, Kaelan, Maxwell, Rayanne, Shiryou, Ysandre and everyone who turned up for the photoshoot. I am really really sorry that we couldn't print all of the pictures we took, but at least you are all there in the group shot...

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