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Personal Ads

Well, here is a new idea, for those of us who have not yet found the Man of Our Dreams. Write a little bit about who you would like to meet and what you are like an maybe we can matchmake for you. Please supply your name an address with your submission. ((editor@gizmopolitan.co.uk))

Desperate editor seeks boyfriend to stave off match-makin friends, anything considered, intelligent confident arm candy who can make a girl laff preferred, long hair and exciting sinister streak = irresistible. Replies please from guys fittin this description who like a girl with unconventional looks, a sparky personality and a demanding job. Failin that, replies from anybody who promises not to lick my leg in public. Reply to Box 601, Earthen Ring.

In the Pipeline?

A completely unreliable list of future articles suggested by our readers...

  • The green-eyed demon – you and your warlock’s succubus
  • Rogues - does he want to steal your heart or your wallet?
  • How to deal with drunkards, perhaps even without hurting them
  • How to be liked and still remain bitchy
  • Orcs – 5 critical impaling points

Horde Supplement Possibilities...

  • Hoof care and horn maintenance
  • How to make your tusk make HIM mad
  • How to make your wedding bed being more fearsome than Alterac Valley
  • Guide to teach HIM to bring you in valentines flowers instead of skulls
  • Keeping pesky lizards out of your summer hut

You've got an idea you think we should write about? You've written an article? You've got some funny photos? Contact Chit ((editor@gizmopolitan.co.uk))

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