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Chit Gets A Makeover

By ChitPhotos by Brannwen, Chit and Aylania

I am in The Alliance Herald offices cleanin out the Gizmo fridge on a Saturday mornin (it is amazin how many tubes and pots of chemicals it takes to keep the Editors lookin freshly pretty, not to mention the vast supply of assorted booze Brannwen seems to find it necessary to keep on hand at all times). I kinda enjoy these quiet moments away from the razzamatazz of fashionable life, doin the simple things like making things sparkly clean and gettin rid of severed heads that are past their sell-by date.

Suddenly before I know it the door to the kitchenette bangs open an Ayla an Brann jump me. Aylania lets out a banshee howl with "CHIT!... your CLOTHES!" an I defend myself vigorously, "I am cleanin the kitchenette! Not even Darkshine CLEANS the kitchen in Mooncloth!"

Aylania an Brannwen exchange Meangingful Glances. I do not like this. The last time they did this lookin at each other bit, they decided they needed to Help Chit Lighten Up which involved kidnappin me an usin Mind Control to force me to go with them into some godawful place I had never bin where everyone was running around furling an unfurling flags an fighting each other for some totally unkown reason, and in my case, doing an awful lot of running from the graveyard tryin to find out where I was supposed to be.

Aylania confirms my fears by tellin Brannwen that I need Help an Brannwen is noddin solemnly while I am tellin em "No, I don't! I am perfectly fine!", to which they listen about as much as you would expect them to. Finally Aylania crushes me by askin pointedly whether I got a boyfriend which she knows perfectly well I do not at this precise moment an as I do not wish to hear a lotta good advice on why not, I figure the best thing to do is give in an pretend I think whatever they want to do is a good idea. Of course at this point I have never heard the words Bikini Wax...

I will gloss over the 'Before' photoshoot except to say that it is a whole bundle of laffs standing half-naked in the snow fending off lecherous dwarves while your so-called friends discuss how to take a photo that will reveal the true horror of how bad you look.

Havin a Makeover is a strange experience. Sitting in a hot springs bath in Un-Goro with mud on my face an a smelly yellow Brightening Rinse made from Wild Steelbloom pasted on my hair is surprisingly not tops on my list of how to spend a day off but tryin to resist Ayla an Brann is a lot like talkin back to Onyxia. I got my own back by complaining a lot until they painted gooey red vile-tasting lipsalve on me which I am sure was just to make me keep my mouth shut. I had very loud thoughts, however these appeared to go right over their heads.

When I was finally clean enough for em, there was lots of makeup to put on. Morning Glory Dew for the complexion, Kingsblood lipjuice, eyebrow pencil put on what was left of my eyebrows after Ayla used tar from the tar pits to yank out the bits of my eyebrows which wasn't growin where Ayla thought they should. Finally I was allowed to climb into some pretty dresses an pose as a model only of course they put me in flimsy sandals an a revealing dress and made me pose in the snow.

Well Ayla says I looked spectacular and can look like it everyday, but confidentially girls I can report that the life of a fashion model is all painful hair tearing an wearin clothes totally unsuited to the climate while people discuss your figure faults an how best to hide em, so unless you are a natural stunner with colossal self-esteem an a high pain threshold, take a tip from me an stay un-made-over.

...but I'm gonna keep the dress an hat...

Before & After

Before: Stripped of make-up, Chit's face shows the tell-tale signs of her exhausting social life as Editor-in-Chief of Gizmopolitan.

After: A hair rinse subtly brightens Chit's hair, while an eyebrow shape and professional make up enhances her eyes and lips.


Before: Chit has become lazy, wearing comfortable baggy clothes which do nothing for her sex appeal.
Chit is wearing...nah you do not wanna know...

After: Sexy clothes and a stylish matching hat reveal the new fashionable, eye-catching Chit.
Chit is wearing an Embroidered Hat (Hatter, Stormwind), Elder's Robe, and Knitted Sandals (any Cloth Armour vendor).


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