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Gizmo's Guide To Dancing In The Streets

Photos and article by Juna

Dancing is fun. Dancing in public is even more fun and can be a great way to express your personality and make new friends. But if you want to get a reputation as a fun chick and not a table dancer, there are a few rules you need to knowÖ

Check out Gizmoís 10 things to keep in mind if youíre planning on dancing in front of your local auction houseÖ

  1. Passersby, especially human paladins, have been known to loudly demand the dancer take her clothes off. Do not challenge them to take theirs off first. They will.

  2. Dancing is thirsty work and you will require refreshments. Provide your own. Those provided by onlookers will cause you to see everyone through a rosy blur, resulting in a horrible shock when you sober up.

  3. Dancing by yourself will always, always, always, cause some bozo to start dancing with you. He will then proceed to flirt clumsily with you. Turn away, remove eye contact and dance with someone else. If you like the look of him, remember that serious flirting demands privacy and your full attention. Smile at him, stop dancing and start conversing. Unless of course you have ignored point 2.

  4. The creepy gnome rogue who keeps on trying to lick your leg can put any girl off dancing for good.

  5. Do not accept any gifts and/or money offered to you because of your moves, chances are you will be followed around by guys making offers you do not wish to know about.

  6. The City Guard fulfill an important function. Try not to get in their way while youíre having fun; some of them have a nasty habit of barging right through you as if you were not there! If you can get a bunch of military types to dance with you however, you are on a roll!

  7. Donít worry about the amount of attention you do or do not get because of your dancing. Remember: youíre not dancing for other people, youíre dancing for yourself!

  8. Your moves are your moves. They say something about who you are. Donít go envying some sisterís moves. Donít let anyone tell you your moves are no good!

  9. Donít be discouraged by the dirty looks those less extroverted ladies may give you. Instead, dance with them! They may join in. Who knows - they might even turn out to be World Class Flirts who sweep you off your feet!

  10. Have fun. Dance!

(Juna's dancing gear is all-mail. Hero's Leggings (Auction House), Deathdealer Breastplate (BRD), Ugly Boots, Windreaver Greaves, Golem Fitted Pauldrons (BRD).)

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