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Stormwind Fashion

Photographs and Research by Awyin
What are fashionable ladies about town wearing? Awyin has been scouring the streets of Stormwind in search of women with a mind of their own and a personal style to suit.

Tolana models a Lesser Wizard's Robe and a Flax Belt.

Sozah shows off her Calico Tunic and Simple Kilt and proves you don't need to spend a fortune in the Auction House to look seductive...

Sailu generates a lot of interest in her Lovely Dress, result of a seasonal quest, so if you ain't got one, you ain't gonna have one.

Scholarly Robes and a White Bandit Mask match perfectly for an individual fashion statement by Ilusien.

Midea wearing Nimar's Tribal Headdress, Vital Raiment and a Zandalar Illusionist's Wraps.

Asinia steps out in a White Woolen Dress, a pretty style that is available from many young tailors learning their skills.

Asinia's second outfit features a Green Woolen Vest, Seer's Pants with Lesser Belt of the Spire, finished off with Buccaneer's Boots.

Dyara wears a White Swashbuckler's Shirt, Scouting Belt, Azure Silk Pants and a pair of Defender's Boots.

Farel creates a sparky impact with Calico Tunic, Calico Pants, Embroidered Hat and Knitted Sandals.

Mesina in a beautiful golden outfit, pairing the Russet Hat with the Greater Adepts gown.

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