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Ayla's Etiquette: Kissing

By Aylania

Photos by Awyin

For some strange reason men don’t think you can show your affection everywhere. No, there are secret rules it seems we women need to know. So here some don’ts about just when men do not think you should be kissing them.

Times not to kiss

When you have a nice meeting with friends around a nice fire and you just settled down beside your great love, do not try cuddling up to him and try to kiss him on his cheek! He suddenly will stand up and motion to follow to some other men in this group and they go for a “small walk” because they need to talk about “things that matter.”

When you’re in the middle of a group adventure, waiting for the men who are standing aside laughing and joking. Don’t walk over to your one and only to take his hand to squeeze it softly to let him know you really exist. He will pull up his hand and look at your hand that seems to be glued on his (those are his thoughts) and look at your face with a look of horror. You of all people should have understood they are talking about 'tactics' and you’re disturbing him.

You are walking on the street and there you see HIM, he is standing at the mailbox. You walk up to him, stand next to him on your toes and kiss him softly on his cheek. His first reaction will be that he will look to see how many people are around and if someone he knows might have seen you kiss him. Then he will look at you in disbelief. Then he will be looking back at his mail and say something like “Can’t you see I am busy?” This is of course if he noticed it at all, mostly they are so busy with their 'mail of importance' you will be ignored until he is done.

When you can kiss

Of course there are also places where you can kiss, you just need to find them. Bring some wine and cheese and take him to a romantic place without monsters bigger than a fly (NO not Silithus) and most of all without other women. They will have always one eye open to other women around them. Not only to see if they have the best woman there is, but also to check if there is a better woman he might scare away by kissing you in public.

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Many thanks to our models, Hawkwinter and Nishlamena.

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