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Welcome to Gizmopolitan


Well here it is what all you females out there bin lookin for, a whole publication devoted to women's stuff put together by us hardworkin femmes at The Alliance Herald newspaper. In this issue you got humour, Paladins, armour, psychology, leather, a naked elf and a quiz! What more can any woman want? Take it with you on that beach holiday in Tanaris or on that ski trip to Winterspring - slip on the sun tan lotion or curl up by a roarin fire an have a long, intimate read. Pass it onto the boyfriend to give him good ideas on presents and romance...

An if you are really really really appreciative an make our lives a lotta fun (way to go that gentleman who met me in Stormwind with cries of "I am not worthy!"), my co-editors have bullied me into sayin there MAY be a second ish!

But you gotta work at it, cos after all this effort I am feelin Real Lazy...!

Have fun Gizmogirls an Gizmoguys!

An please give us Your Views (see left).


Editorial Team from left to right:
Aylania Romance Editor - Chit 'The Boss' Editor-in-Chief - Brannwen Science Editor

The Gizmogirls


Many thanks to all those without whom this would have been impossible:

Front Cover, In the Pipeline and Artistic Director - Duston

Writers and Contributors - Prynkesse, Thorn, Aylania, Brannwen & Chit

Photography Team - Awyin & Chit

Thanks to our models - Ronzin (front cover), Luthwei, Dragonfury, Fuchsia, Yaseil, Chit, Ilusien, Amariel, Karathos, Nikodemos, Marzo, Rambuz, Seynard, Tuxi, Hawkwinter and Nishlamena, Aylania, Cynara and Jhasso.

Technical Arm of God - Duston

Wiki Wizardry - Thorn

Everyone at the Herald - for support, comradeship, fun in 'The Office' and ongoing inspiration. Not forgetting Maylna Constantine for his lifework The Alliance Herald, which continues to enable writers and artists to use their talents to contribute to the Earthen Ring community; and everyone who has worked hard to carry the flame after the loss of Maylna.

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