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The GizmoQuiz : How confident are you?

By Brannwen

We all have days that we doubt ourselves. Days when our enemies seem to resist every spell we throw at them and laugh in our face as a final insult. Evenings when we find ourselves sitting in the Haven alone and all the handsome men just walk right on by. Our insecurity seems to be broadcasting on all channels and clearly we need to seek the cure within ourselves. We need to boost our confidence!

The mission-jitter scenario:

You have been asked to attend a dangerous mission into the ruins of Dire Maul in the company of four mighty, drop-dead gorgeous heroes. The mere thought of failing their expectations makes you feel queasy inside and the fear of being the one responsible for their gaping wounds and the subject of their withering 'oh-I-told-you-so-it's-a-woman’ stare has you paralysed with dread. How to build that confidence?

a/ Quaff a free action potion to rid yourself of the lingering paralysis and say to yourself: "I am a strong and proud woman. No man shall resist my charms."

b/ Take a trip to the Auction House or visit your friendly tailor and treat yourself to that dress you always wanted to buy but common sense stopped you from doing so in the past. Remember you're worth it and will need a wonderful outfit to celebrate your success on your return.

c/ Focus on the job at hand; sharpen that blade or focus that mind. Clear the head of all doubt by splashing some refreshing spring water on your face and wrists. Raise that spirit by munching some tasty lion steaks and go out there and slay them!

The dress-for-the-occasion scenario:

You’ve been asked to attend a victory party by some friends who survived the Blackrock Depths with only minor scratches and a little dent in their ego. ‘Come to the Recluse!’ they said. You open your trunk and throw all the clothes in despair on the ground. What will you wear?

a/ After going through all your dresses and outfits four times, you finally decide on a simple, yet elegant outfit that reveals nothing but hides the small flaws of your body perfectly.

b/ You take a trip into the Auction House or visit your friendly tailor and treat yourself to that ultimately revealing dress you always wanted to buy but common sense stopped you from doing so in the past. After all, you’re worth it!

c/ You show up in your armour; Stormwind’s a dangerous place and one should always be ready for battle. That’s how your friends know and respect you.

The best-romantic-spot scenario:

You finally got his attention! He smiled at you, was charmed by you and yes! … he agreed to come with you on a little romantic trip. Bubbling with excitement you plan your trip but then it suddenly hits you: Where on Azeroth do you take this hunk?

a/ You go frantic in your search for the perfect spot and even post a desperate plea to Dear Ayla at The Herald. After a lot of sleepless nights and countless suggestions from your friends, you finally decide on taking him to Steamweedle Port and its beautiful beach; many have done so before for good reason.

b/ This is easy! You take him to the Auction House or your friendly tailor. He will love to buy you that dress you always wanted but common sense stopped you from buying so often in the past. He knows you're worth it!

c/ Mount Hyjal, of course. To remind him that romance can only have a tiny place in the harsh reality of the struggle for survival in Azeroth.

The drinks-for-dweeps scenario:

Summertime is there and your friends have planned a barbeque on the shore of Loch Modan. You are cordially encouraged to bring some drinks along, which is their subtle way of saying: “I can’t be bothered to bring my own so I’ll drink whatever you’re bringing”. What will you bring?

a/ You groan inwardly at the request but smile that cheerful smile and agree to bring something along. Emptying your purse, you stock up on practically every liquid that Azeroth can provide, even remembering to ask your friendly mage to conjure up some water for the occasion. Stuffed with ale, grog, dew, rum and every drink, with or without alcohol, you drag along more drinks than the citizens of Stormwind can quaff in a week.

b/ Who cares for drinks? You hurry along to the Auction House or your friendly tailor to buy that perfect scanty dress to brighten up the barbeque. You may be parched, but at least you’ll look good and cheer up the grey people who have brought along far too much drink.

c/ With no further ado you scoop up a few bags of refreshing springwater and offer it cheerfully to anyone who asks you for a drink. You will pay no heed to their complaints that they would have liked a little alcohol, after all, everyone should be vigilant since an attack can come right out of the blue.

ANSWERS: Are you a LFG, BUF or TANK?

Now you've answered these questions, look at your answers and decide which letter you have used the most. It will reveal your own personal confidence type.

Mainly a’s: Looking for Gutsy Personality (LFG)
Oh boy, you really need a confidence booster! Don’t be afraid to blunder sometimes by a making a choice out of the ordinary. Remember, it’s the things that make you different that get you noticed. Be daring! Remember, they are just men; it’s us women that really count and we are all rooting for you.

Mainly b’s: Bright Unstoppable Fashionable (BUF)
There is nothing wrong with your confidence, and what’s more, you know where to go when you need that little push in the back. Men will ignore you at their peril! And should those little trips to the Auction House prove less effective than hoped for, you can always console yourself with the knowledge that you are wearing the latest fashion and have a wardrobe ready to burst.

Mainly c’s: Typical A-romantic Neurotic Killing-machine (TANK)
It’s not confidence that is your trouble. You are so focused on the job that you tend to ignore the more subtle ways of life. Remember, showing a little…just a little… insecurity is what makes men rush to your side. Azeroth is a place of turmoil, horrors and violence, but bringing in a little romance sometimes can make it just a tad more pleasant for all to live in.

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