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By Aylania

Photo by Awyin

There are days men still start flirting with all the old well-known flirt lines that donít make you feel comfortable to stay. Who hasnít had this experience?

Youíre in an inn, drinking a nice cool glass of milk on a very hot day. And after a while the man who is staring at you since you entered the bar walks over to you. Well, walking is too much to ask, you can smell he is drunk from miles away. He barely makes it to come to you without throwing down some chairs and smashing against the wall. He brings his face to close to yours (why did they never learn to stay away at least a few inches?) and speaks barely clear the wordsÖ "Donít I know you?"

Well, even if you did, you would say NO I donít know you, I donít want to know you, I donít even want to know you exist.

Not only because they arenít very original, but also because the man behind the words needs to get so drunk before daring to use them. Of course they need to get drunk, otherwise they donít dare to start with you, they are rejected so many times.

But I do have to say, I heard a few that were so lovely that even my legs start to tremble. And I have send my thanks to Salasar for this contribution of this. That man is a real walking flirt machine, but really cute and very nice company to spend the night, uhÖ evening with...

I sent a guardian to watch you, he came back, it seems he couldnít protect an angel

Iíve missed the sunrise, but thatís ok, you are here

I seem to have lost my wayÖ could you help me?
- Sure, what can I do for you?
Could you help me to find the way to your heart?

Have you seen the beautiful stars up in the sky at night? I donít need to see them when you are close to me, because you must be one of them, youíre shining like a beautiful star

I will dream about a shining star up in the dark blue sky, that reminds me of you

Those kind of flirts can increase the speed of your heartbeat.

Jhasso(nova) enjoys a moment with Cynara

So, whatís the solution to get the men you ARE interested in?

Well, we have to make the contact ourselves. Donít be scared, we women are so much more original then men, it will be hard the first time perhaps, but I am sure you can see it as a challenge you can get skilled in. Just start with the... hmm... less popular guys, they will react surprised and shy on your attempts, that will give you the courage to move to the one you really want.

And remember you don't have to say so much just admiring glances at their strength and bravery, a man likes to feel big and strong and protective of his woman. But always remember - we are not their trophy, they are there to entertain us!

Thanks to Jhasso and Cynara for letting us in on a little flirtationÖ

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