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What Does He Really Want in a Woman?
The Five ‘Must Have’ qualities in a potential partner

By Prynkesse

Most of us may think that given a choice, men would create for themselves a partner that who combines the morals of a Goldshire Dancing Elf, with the infatuating whip-wielding seduction of an over-cleavaged Succubus. But are the all so predictable? Prynkesse set out to discover the attributes that most men universally desire in their women.

The Insight of a Psychic

Sure a priest can see right into your mind if they really want to, but every woman should be able to do the same when it comes to her man.

Let's be honest, most men would rather eat ten year old Stormwind Brie rather than discuss or wildly display their emotions! Most guys want a woman that can sense their feelings and read their mood without them having to say a word, never mind give a long monologue with dramatic emotional gestures! If she can hug him when he’s sad, laugh with him when he needs companionship and celebrate when he has a victory, then he will say ‘She gets me’. And she’ll not only get him, but she’ll keep him too!

The Faith of a Zealot

Not everyone has the unquestioning unwavering faith of a Paladin, but a good woman has her own unyielding belief in her man.

So he thinks he can single-handedly defeat the Scourge and slay every Dragon on the continent? He doesn’t need her to tell him he’s going to break every single bone in his body, and that the fine fighting gear he’s spent years collecting is going to be left as nothing more than tattered rags!

She should be supportive and diplomatic. Tell him that of course he will succeed, but to take it slowly one battle at a time. Remind him that between each of his campaigns, he needs to come home each night. After all, it’s not on the battle field surrounded by thirty-nine other men that he truly proves his ‘manliness’…. You get the idea!

The Daring of an Adventurer

It’s been said over and over that when a guy says he’s afraid of marriage, what he really means is that he’s terrified of monotony not monogamy. A man is left in awe by a woman brave enough to try anything.

Let’s face it, what man wants to sit around all day discussing soft furnishings and silverware, most women don’t either! They want adventure, challenges and successes. Each of these experiences is made a thousand times better when the woman he loves is there alongside him. A woman that will fight by his side bravely, travel to unknown and undiscovered places with him and be daring enough to wake up each morning not knowing what the day holds, but sill eagerly ready to face it with him. And that’s all before she’ll retire with him for the evening, for daring adventures of an entirely different sort!

’Life with her is always more fun’.

The Brain of a Professor

There is somewhere the mistaken perception that men like their women dumb. When guys list the things they seek in a wife, common sense and intelligence are right up there.

Obviously, not all men want someone with the racing mind of a gnomish engineer or the verbatim knowledge of the Stormwind Keep’s Librarian. But certainly, men will reliably say they like a woman that can hold her own in almost any situation. She should be able to react to any situation, maintain an interesting conversation, dispense both wit and common sense advice, and have an awareness of - and her own views on - the world around her.

Realistically, if he is going to spend the next sixty years with her, it’d be nice to have something to talk about!

The Occasional Desire to be Rescued

What man wants to feel like a woman’s bedroom entertainment, or publicly displayed accessory? Every guy needs to be needed for more than just amusement.

I’m not suggesting a woman should act dependent and weakly needy. Any man worth having appreciates a strong, capable and confident woman. However, when he decides to devote his life to you, he’d certainly like for that to mean something tangible. They need the chance to behave like men. A good woman inspires a guy to be the best he possibly can, just for her. He needs to be given half a chance to prove himself and to be able to flex his masculinity. Knowing this strong vibrant woman actually needs him in her life, that alone is enough for a guy to decide right there and then...

‘This is the woman for me’.

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