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Get That Look for less

Photos & Text by Chit

Modelled by Ilusien

Being an inexperienced adventurer in town is no fun. Havin to watch all the other people paradin in their finery when all you can afford is patched trousers and cheap, ugly clothes is enough to ruin anyone's day. Believe me I know this cos I remember the Westfall Tunic, it was the only time I wore my tabard every single day...

Here at Gizmo we got priorities - makin it easy for everyone to be fashionable!

So here is Chit's special for fashion on a budget! The stuff you want - and the stuff that can make you look just as great even when you are too inexperienced to wear designer models - even if you could afford to buy em!

First up - what you want - a Crimson Silk Set. But heck, you cannot get it til you have passed your Grade 34 fightin exams. So look at it an dream for next up we will show you how to Get That Look earlier, an for less money!

Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Vest and Belt, with Spidersilk Boots

And now how you can get a similar look when you have passed your Grade 17 fightin exams.

Red Swashbuckler's Shirt, Buccaneer's Pants and Simple Linen Boots

The Swashbuckler and Simple Linen Boots can be made by many young tailors. You gotta get the Buccaneer's pants at auction or by Whackin Things, but you could substitute Hand Stitched Linen Britches (see later pictures) which almost any tailor can make you. Keep the cost down by providin the linen yourself - and riddin the world of a few Defias at the same time. An if you got rich relatives you can buy Spidersilk Boots any time - you don't hafta wait til you are trained!

Red Swashbuckler's Shirt, Hand Stitched Linen Britches and Linen Boots

You can wear this outfit anytime from your first week in trainin, cos you can wear em once you have passed your Grade 8 exams. But just a tip - don't save these boots to wear with the Swashbuckler pants, they are not long enough an will look plain silly.

Thanks to Ilusien for patient modelling.

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